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The Christian Dior Outlet is also available in full black shade. We also know how popular all black bags are nowadays. The Saddle Bag is available in 2 types of all black styles.

Christian Dior Outlet

Both are gorgeous, so it’s hard to choose. Which one to pick is all personal choice imo, however do you like smooth leather or do you like printed bags? The Ultra Matte is Ultra smooth, it’s made with calfskin letter and is single colored. There are no distractions like logo’s except for the gorgeous D letter strap hanging on the bag. The shape of the bag resembles a horse saddle.

Then there is the Saddle Bag in Oblique Print. And while it’s crafted in All Black, the Oblique Print is covered all over the bag featuring Christian Dior printed logo on the front. This bag is perfect for casual days and it’s made to flaunt Replica Celine Handbags


The prices of these bags are also different, check out the details below and let us know which one you like: